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    Please proofread my short report


    Please proofread my short report

    Hi all,

    This weekend i pass the BEC Higher Test. Therefore, I wrote some kind of texts i.e. report, letter, proposal this week. I would be very gratefull if somebody proofread my report.
    After reading please tell me if my vocabulary is adequate for a business report and where my biggest mistakes are.

    In advance, thank you for proofreading!

    Bec Higher candidate


    Short report – Which photocopier to choose?

    The aim of this report is to compare the photocopier costs of Carda, KB and Sebu.

    The purchase price of Carda is the lowest. It is slightly more than $600 but the running cost are the highest and its warranty cost remain at a mid-level.
    The purchasing price of the KB is with 700$ slightly higher than the Carda but about $400 cheaper than the Sebu. The advantage of the Sebu is its warranty and running cost, which are the lowest. However, the running and warranty cost of KD are just a little higher. Out of this reason, the KD and Sebu have the same expected total costs of $1’800 for initial 2 year. The total costs of Carda are $100 higher.

    Because of the acceptable warranty and running cost, as well as the middle purchase price the KD ist the best deal.

    Words: 146
    VerfasserBec Higher Candidate22 Apr. 10, 18:31
    #1Verfasser Werner (236488) 22 Apr. 10, 18:44
    Aber Werner, es sind doch drei verschiedene Texte. Finde ich in Ordnung, die getrennt zu posten.

    Hier ein paar Vorschläge für unseren Kandidaten:
    running costs -> operating costs
    our of this reason -> for this reason
    for initial 2 year -> for the first two years
    middle purchase price -> moderate purchase price
    #2Verfassermorti22 Apr. 10, 18:56
    This weekend you are "taking" the BEC.
    Will you pass? Most likely:-))
    #3Verfasserhic22 Apr. 10, 19:57
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