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    Throttle increase

    I have a briggs and stratton on a weed eater lawn mower 22" cut 4.5 hspr.
    model 10H902
    type 0333 E1
    code 05112853
    The throttle increases then decreases. Changed the oil and took the tank and carb off and cleaned it as well as the air filter. It'll start but will only run for a couple of minutes if that. The primer works. Also redid the pull cord now it wont go all the way back in. Gives me just enough to start it. Please help I'm going crazy.
    It would be nice to get a new lawnmower for father's day but then again it would be nice to keep that money in my savings. Please help.
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    VerfasserLawnmower10 Jun. 10, 14:18
    Falls du schon trollen musst, denk dir doch wenigstens was Eigenes aus, statt irgendwo zu kopieren.

    #1Verfasser...10 Jun. 10, 14:20
    Offff an imposter. He copied me. Ty so much for your help. I will go and complain in zat forum!
    #2VerfasserLawnmower10 Jun. 10, 14:45
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