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    axle vs axis

    6-Achs-Roboter = 6-axis-robot oder 6-axle-robot oder 6-axles-robot?

    Wann genau benutzt man axle und wann axis ?


    Gibt es im Englischen eine adjektivische Beschreibung analog "sechsachsig" bzw eine
    umgangssprachliche Form ähnlich " ein Sechsachser".

    Dank vorab

    Verfasser da.relius (603945) 15 Okt. 10, 08:02
    Cars have axels, an axel connects two wheels. A car has two axels. An axis is so Drehachse. The earth spins on an axis.

    For a sechsachsiger Robot I would say 12 wheeled robot. Bei Lastwagwn zB, sieht man eight- wheeler usw

    Das heisst wenn ich richtig verstehe was Sechsachser bedeutet
    #1Verfasserschwänzer (316066) 15 Okt. 10, 08:09
    I think "eight-wheeler" means "acht-rädrig" respectively "vier-achsig" referring to the number of axles.

    So referring to spin I`d have to say 6-axis-robot: Am I right ?
    As to the term "axle": Is there no common use of this term in the context of robotics ?
    #2Verfasser da.relius (603945) 15 Okt. 10, 09:02
    An axle is a rod or bar that turns. It usually connects two wheels. If a truck has six wheels, then it has three axles. English doesn't usually count axles, we say six-wheeled or six-wheeler. Although six-axled could be a word.

    An axis is mostly used in math or to define a Drehachse--an axis of rotation. There are three axes (the plural is axEs) x, y, z. So, left-right, front-back, and top-bottom. Something that spins on an axis can usually be described in terms of the three different directions. The shoulder for example, is a called multiaxial. You can rotate it in several differnt planes. And "axial" could refer to either axle or axis I guess.

    So to answer your question, i don't know. If the robot has six wheels and three axles call it six-wheeled or a six-wheeler or six-axled if you want. If you want to say it can rotate in many different directions, maybe call it multiaxial or just say something like "capable of fluid motion" but like I said, I'm unfortunately not up to speed on robotics terminology. Hope that helps.

    If you want to describe exactly what you want to say, or give more context I can probably help you.
    #3Verfasserschwänzer (316066) 16 Okt. 10, 10:09
    @ schwänzer

    I think this almost solves the problem, thanks a lot !

    #4Verfasser da.relius (603945) 16 Okt. 10, 11:23
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