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    I cannot/can't wait to see you again!

    Sind beide Schreibweisen möglich? (Bezogen auf can not)

    Danke vorab!
    VerfasserSonny17 Okt. 10, 12:31
    Yes. 'can't' is a contraction of 'cannot' (wie 'Wie geht's' statt 'Wie geht es (dir)).
    #1VerfasserGibson (418762) 17 Okt. 10, 12:35
    Ja, aber nur wenige Menschen wuerden hier "cannot" sagen.

    PS "can not" (getrennt geschrieben) ist grundsaetzlich falsch. Ausnahmen zu diesen Regel gibt es so gut wie keine.
    #2VerfasserSteve UK17 Okt. 10, 12:36
    @2: No exceptions? How about for emphasis? I can NOT believe you! ;-)
    #3VerfasserSD3 (451227) 17 Okt. 10, 17:39
    I also learned that 'can not' should always be contracted to 'cannot', but I also talked to people who learned the exact opposite: that 'cannot' was a corruption and one should always use 'can not'... But IMO both are possibly, cannot being more sophisticated.

    And I am experiencing can not to be more popular in international business correspondence today.

    can not:
    1. As SD3 says: Emphasis
    2. Of course when not is not directly linked to can but part of another lexeme: can not only

    And I personally think there is another slight difference as to feasibility of an action/task, e.g.:
    I can not do it today, because I don't have the time, but
    I cannot do it, it's impossible.
    #4VerfasserSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 18 Okt. 10, 14:11
    @ Steve... habe "I cannot wait to see you" schon sehr oft gehört. Besonders wenn man etwas extra betonen möchte, so wie z.B. "please do wait for me"
    #5VerfasserBe_London18 Okt. 10, 14:18
    Was Be_London #5 sagt, wundert mich. Seine/Ihre Analogie mit "do" ist irrelevant.
    #6Verfasserescoville (237761) 18 Okt. 10, 15:09
    escovill, ich glaube, was Be-London meit, ist

    can't vs. cannot, analog zu
    please wait, please do wait
    #7VerfasserSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 18 Okt. 10, 15:34
    Can't = spoken English, or only used with friends or relations
    cannot = written English
    #8VerfasserMike (BE)18 Okt. 10, 15:44
    Thanks a bunch, Mike :-)
    But what do you make of can not?
    #9VerfasserSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 18 Okt. 10, 16:39
    'Cannot' is right in formal writing, but it isn't actually very common; in more formal diction we tend to just use other expressions, like 'is not able to,' 'is not allowed to,' 'are not possible,' etc.

    'Can not' is wrong unless the 'not' belongs to another phrase, like 'not only': He can not only play drums but also sing backup.

    If you want to show extra speech emphasis, you can italicize the 'not' part without separating the compound: 'You cannot be serious!

    There have been several other discussions on this in the forum archive. Next time, try Suche in allen Foren first.
    #10Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 18 Okt. 10, 19:06
    The Guardian's going out on a limb then? Or are these exceptions?

    Can David bear to stay, when he would add such strength? Understandable if he can not – but admirable if he can.

    The European parliament adopted an aspiring cross-party report in June calling for the EU and its member states to speak out for those who can not.

    He is reported to be aware that cities such as Hull have many more council houses than demand and so may decide to leave right to buy in place but has been persuaded that rural areas can not afford to allow a sale of stock at a time of soaring demand for council houses.

    We can not mass produce. We are a small company.

    etc., etc., etc.
    #11VerfasserSD3 (451227) 18 Okt. 10, 23:54
    I always find this interesting when this topic comes up:
    #12Verfasseropine (680211) 19 Okt. 10, 00:50
    There's examples from American pages, too:

    Also, you can not use last names or the names of objects or products as first names.

    The Vice President is authorized to nominate individuals to the United States Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies but can not nominate to either the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and does not nominate to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

    The ROBOT BASE is the 12” x 16” boundary extended vertically (i.e. the robot can not hang over the line at the beginning of the mission)

    Anyway, cannot definitely seems to be the choice. :)
    #13VerfasserSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 19 Okt. 10, 09:54
    My take on this is that no-one complains about "cannot" but lots of people don't like "can not", so it's better to be on the safe side, except of course with "he can not only ... but ...".
    #14VerfasserCM2DD (236324) 19 Okt. 10, 10:09
    @14: I agree with you. As a practical matter, I would not, at this point, recommend "can not" to a non-native speaker of English. I do, however, regard the Guardian as a reputable source despite its history of "typos" during industrial relations disputes. My question is: Is the Guardian at the forefront of a change?

    @13: They are called "sites," not "pages."
    #15VerfasserSD3 (451227) 19 Okt. 10, 12:10
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