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  • Subject

    im Zuge der ...

    Context/ examples
    Das Velodrom wurde im Zuge der später gescheiterten Bewerbung Berlins für Olympia 2000 gebaut.
    Related forum discussions haven't brought me any further, to be honest:
    suggested translation is: "in the course of sth.", which, to me, however, has a different connotation:
    the time needed to complete construction - "the building was constructed in the course of nine months".

    So, "The velodrome was constructed "in the course of" Berlin’s application for the 2000 Olympics." suggests to me that building commenced when Berlin first applied and was completed when the application period ended.

    so my take on it is this:
    The velodrome was constructed "in the time of" // "during" Berlin’s application for the 2000 Olympics, which afterwards failed.

    Another possibility might be to move away from the German original and translate: The velodrome was constructed to "support" // "back" Berlin’s application for the 2000 Olympics, whic however failed afterwards.

    thx in advance for your comments ...
    AuthorLyam07 Mar 06, 23:07
    Suggestionin connection with
    Context/ examples
    im Zuge - hier wohl im Zusammenhang, als Folge (betont das kausale eher als das temporale Moment)

    construction .... in connection with Berlin's application

    #1Authormeomy07 Mar 06, 23:40
    @meomy: hey ... that is just ******* brilliant!! thx so much indeed!!
    #2AuthorLyam07 Mar 06, 23:44
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