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  • Subject

    Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr

    Context/ examples
    Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr
    AuthorUta Schmitz05 Sep 03, 10:38
    SuggestionFrom your mouth to God's ear
    I've been trying to find the origin of this expression for some time now. I've seen reference made to a Jiddish origin, seems plausible enough to me.
    #1Authoranotherdayanotherdollar05 Sep 03, 10:55
    I meant Yiddish, of course. :)
    #2Authoranotherdayanotherdollar05 Sep 03, 11:01
    Auf diese Quelle habe ich leider keinen Zugriff:
    Walther, Helmut. "Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr." Der Sprachdienst, 35, no. 5 (1991), 166.
    #3AuthorAndreasS05 Sep 03, 12:26
    I rather like "from your mouth to God's ear" but up to now I always thought "Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr" was something like
    - let's hope so
    - let's hope it happens
    - let's hope you're right
    #4Authorcom05 Sep 03, 12:48
    And you are absolutely right!

    So I guess the English expression hasn't got the same meaning ...?
    #5Authorcharlie05 Sep 03, 13:05
    "From your mouth to God's ear" DOES mean the same as "let's hope so", "let's hope you're right", "let's hope it happens".

    I don't really want to start any long, protracted discussion about God and religious beliefs here, but if one were to think that God was listening to what one was voicing in the way of requests/desires/wants, etc and that God delivers on those things, i.e.(hopefully) gives one what one asks for, then the meaning here should be clear.

    #6Authoranotherdayanotherdollar05 Sep 03, 16:55
    Suggestionyour lips--God's ear
    from your lips to God's ear
    (said with intense fervor, meaning, may it be so!)
    #7AuthorEl06 Sep 03, 16:53
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