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  • Subject


    1. XYZ steht. bitte dringend reanimieren!Fehlertext siehe Anlage
    2. Server Error. Hatten wir gestern schon bei einigen Usern, während es bei anderen lief. Ich denke einer von den beiden servern steht. Ggf. neu starten
    3. XYZ Applikation steht!
    4. Anwendung XYZ steht. Keine Anmeldung möglich.
    I am translating a table with ticket Ids and their description. I came across these sentences wherein stehen is used in a similar manner. I cannot really figure out what it means. Is it in when the system hangs (i know there is an expression 'sich aufhängen' for this).

    Does stehen make any sense to anyone? please help. Thank you
    AuthorKevinS07 May 09, 18:21
    There are essentially two meanings of "steht" :

    The first one means that something is stopped
    (es läuft nicht, sondern steht),
    doesn't walk (it hangs) (as in 1.,2.,4.)

    The second one means that something has everything to stand upright, like in 3.:
    here it could mean that the programming of application XYZ is finished. (depending on the context)
    If 3. is an error message, then it should also be interpreted as meaning one.

    So you are totally right with your first guess "to hang".
    #1Author xMx (559255) 07 May 09, 18:27
    thts quick and precise..thanks!
    #2AuthorKevinS07 May 09, 18:32
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