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  • Subject

    cow tank

    This isn't my exact context, but it describes the item and/or situation:

    A northern Arizona hiker who drank water from a cow tank was recovering Tuesday after apparently suffering from a stomach ailment, authorities said.
    Two men were hiking in the Coconino County Forest's Wet Beaver Wilderness this past weekend when they ran out of water, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said.
    The men hiked the Apache Maid Trail on Friday, camped out overnight, then continued to hike Saturday.
    With no water by Saturday night, the pair found water in tanks used by livestock. It was the only source of water they could find, so they tried to purify it using filters, officials said.
    Authorcryme (795004) 09 Jun 11, 00:10
    Sources glaub ich das richtige Wort, in diesem Zusammenhang allso
    "aus einer Kuhtränke".
    #1Author Madda25 (384438) 09 Jun 11, 00:11
    Danke. "Tränke" klingt hier richtig und passt erst mal. Das Ding ist evtl. etwas grösser als eine Tränke. Aber nochmals Danke. Wäre nicht darauf gekommen.

    EDIT: Ich merke gerade, dass es verschiedene Größen von Tränken gibt!
    #2Authorcryme (795004) 09 Jun 11, 00:17
    ich als Landei weiß: das kann von nem Wasserhahn bis zu nem mittleren Swimmingpool reichen....
    #3Author Madda25 (384438) 09 Jun 11, 00:19
    #4Authorcryme (795004) 09 Jun 11, 00:26
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt