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  • Betreff

    Materialdisposition (SAP)

    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Part of a business process description:

    "Materialdisposition in Absprache mit dem Kunden"

    Do any native speakers (AE!) have a suggestion? Need something which is in common use in the US!

    VerfasserMike04 Jul. 05, 07:26
    inventory control
    in the hope that its hits the German on the head
    (also recommended in Ernst's dictionary of industrial tenchology)
    #1Verfasserjobe04 Jul. 05, 07:53
    I'm not a native speaker, but I think one would say "material (requirement) planning"...
    #2Verfasserhannah04 Jul. 05, 07:53
    VorschlagMaterial Requirements Planning MRP
    #3Verfasseri04 Jul. 05, 07:54
    It depends on what is meant by "Materialdisposition", jobe. In my opinion, with inventory control the emphasis is put on your inventory levels. Material requirement planning is used in terms of "What has been ordered by customers in the past, what do we have on stock, what do we expect to be ordered by customers in the future and thus, which quantity do we need to produce or to buy from our suppliers to fulfil this future demand.
    #4Verfasserhannah04 Jul. 05, 07:58
    Vorschlag~~ MRP ~~
    The fact that MRP is also "Manufacturing Resource Planning" (ok, more often quoted as MRP II) for our company, I am not really happy with this.

    But because of better alternatives, I think I will keep "Material (Requirements) Planning" ...

    Thanks a lot!
    #5VerfasserMike04 Jul. 05, 09:22
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