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  • Subject

    payment: CA

    Guten Morgen ;-)

    Ich habe online ein Auto gemietet und jetzt die Reservierungsbestätigung bekommen, allerdings keinen Hinweis darüber wann oder wo ich das bezahlen soll. Es steht nur dabei:
    "form of pyment: CA"

    Was bedeutet das?
    Authorsputi (383303) 12 Feb 11, 08:57
    Cash Advance
    #1Author MiMo (236780) 12 Feb 11, 09:10
    Thanks MiMo!

    Does it mean that I have to pay "now" (credit card etc) or really "cash" on pickup?
    #2Authorsputi (383303) 12 Feb 11, 09:21
    no if it was credit card it would say credit means you pay before you receive the goods, usually by bank transfer. but then it should state their account details as well. otherwise they could just mean you pay when you pick up the car.
    #3Author pittipal (317086) 12 Feb 11, 09:35
    I would recommend calling them, if possible, to confirm what it means!
    That way, you'll be sure.
    #4Authoropine (680211) 12 Feb 11, 09:40
    Thank you all! I think I'm going to call them. Would be unfortunate to come to pick it up and then they might say "Well, bad luck for you, we haven't received any payments" ;-)
    #5Authorsputi (383303) 12 Feb 11, 09:47
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