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Context/ examples
Die Mitschnacker, die Mitschnacker, hier komm die Mitschnacker
Zuerst muss ich sagen: mein Deutsch ist nicht wunderbar. Es gibt ein "Fettes Brot" Lied, das "Mitschnacker" heißt. Ich kann hier eine Übersetzung nicht finden. Manche Leute glauben, dass "Kidnappers" die richtige Übersetzung ist.

Was glaubt ihr?
AuthorKevin11 Aug 05, 06:14
i donŽt really have a translation at hand but can explain the meaning:

a "mitschnacker" is s.o. whoŽll always get involved in any kind of dialogue or discussion, even though he/she might not even know whatŽs it about and should simply better keep his/her mouth shut...
#1Authorgmk11 Aug 05, 06:20
@gmk: Sorry, but no!
A Mitschnacker is a person who makes little kids follow him by offering sweets or toys and later rape them.....
#2AuthorAnja11 Aug 05, 06:32

didnŽt know that - even though iŽm native german :(
#3Authorgmk11 Aug 05, 06:37
I mean I saw that "schnacken" is "to chat" in certain dialects...

Both definitions aren't completely senseless in the sense of the song, but the candy and rape one makes a whole lot more sense
#4AuthorKevin11 Aug 05, 06:40
@kevin - so better stick to the latter...
to be true, i never used/heard the word myself (and i donŽt know the mentioned song neither) so it was just a guess / a feeling about the meaning...
sorry for this ;)
#5Authorgmk11 Aug 05, 06:46
Mitschnacker is a Hamburg slang word (Plattdeutsch). You'll probably never come across it anywhere else....

Schnacken means chatting. And Klönschnack is a little chat.

...and yes I'm aware that something that I consider a dialekt is probably a language by itself....and still I don't really care much about the difference
#6AuthorAnja11 Aug 05, 06:47
Das Phänomen war in der frühen Nachkriegszeit besonders akut: Kinder waren für Süßigkeiten besonders anfällig.
#7Authorrw11 Aug 05, 07:19
Context/ examples
Hans J. Massaquoi, Destined to Witness, pg 22:
Tante Möller also instructed me to always keep on the lookout for 'Mitschnacker', a special Hamburg variety of male kidnappers who derived their name from their modus operandi of talking children into following them. Remembering the three sinister Gypsy women with spine-chilling vividness, I promised not to accept invitations to go along with strangers in general and 'Mitschnacker' in particular.
Compare also the explanation given by Hans Massaquoi, a native of Hamburg, in his book "Destined to Witness" (the German edition is titled "Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger").
#8AuthorNorbert Juffa14 Aug 05, 23:08
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