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    Kontext/ Beispiele
    how do write "Berlin, den 25.07.2003"?
    Verfasserck17 Aug. 05, 19:52
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    datedas Datum  Pl.: die Daten
    to interrogate a database Daten abfragen
    date of sighting [FINAN.]Datum der Vorlage eines Wechsels   [Bankwesen]
    dateless  Adj.ohne Datum
    effective from Datum ab
    the date of this notationdas Datum dieses Vermerks
    What is today's date?Welches Datum haben wir heute?
    Vorschlag07-23-2003, berlin
    #1Verfasserbluemchen17 Aug. 05, 19:54
    thanks a lot
    #2Verfasserck17 Aug. 05, 19:56
    depends on which country you write to- as far as American English is concerned, Bluemchen's suggestions is correct (as far as I know)

    In the UK something like "Berlin, 25 July 2005" or "Berlin, 25/7/2005" would be more common.

    Always a source of confusion that the Americans put the month first.

    If you want to be certain of avoiding misunderstandings, write the month- it's not a problem with the date given by you (as there are only 12 months in the year, so it is clear that 07-23-2005 must refer to July), however, if you have the 10th of April, it can be unclear what is meant if you write 04-10-2005 or 10/04/2005, as it might be misinterpreted by members of the other culture as meaning the 4th of October
    #3VerfasserRichard17 Aug. 05, 20:36
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