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  • Subject

    Störung des Erlebens

    Es liegt dabei eine schwere Störung des Denkens, des Erlebens und des Verhaltens vor.
    Author Marie-Laure (758610) 06 May 11, 23:09
    Suggestiondisorder of experience
    This is a severe disorder of thought/cognition, experience, and behavior.
    It consists of a severe disorder of...

    auch: experiential disorder
    ... thought/cognitive, experiential and behavioral disorder
    #1Author Claus (243211) 06 May 11, 23:51
    cognition comprises more than just thinking,
    cognition includes perception (Wahrnehmung), memory (Gedächtnis), Problemlösen,...

    So, according to Claus, I would just write

    disorder of thought, experience and behavior (British: behaviour)
    #2AuthorÖsterreicherin (719674) 07 May 11, 08:20
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