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  • Subject

    Gruppendynamik ist wichtig


    Was ist richtig: "Group dynamics are very important" oder "Group dynamics is very important" ?

    Besten Dank und liebe Grüße
    Authorchocolatechip (816685) 31 Aug 11, 04:38
    SuggestionGroup dynamics are important
    "dynamics are" because the word is plural.

    I dropped "very" because it wasn't in the German sentence.

    Here's where it gets a little complicated. :-)

    If you use "Group Dynamics" as the name of a field of study, then "is".
    -Group Dynamics is a fascinating area of research.
    But normally,
    -Group dynamics are important when considering how to structure your team.
    #1Author Robert -- US (328606) 31 Aug 11, 05:59
    Thanks a lot, Robert! I felt there were exceptions where you say "Group dynamics is".
    Well explained :-)
    #2Authorchocolatechip (816685) 31 Aug 11, 07:57
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