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Dahinter, davor oder daneben

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Das ist mein Weg. Für Kunden tatsächlich da zu sein heißt Zeit zu geben, auch sein inneres herzugeben, sich aufzumachen und auch den Menschen helfen zu wollen.

Das ist die Einzigartigkeit in der XXX.
Für all diese Dinge stehe ich heute. Dahinter, davor oder daneben... bei unseren Vertriebspartnern, aber auch bei unseren Kunden.

With "Dahinter, davor oder daneben" does this mean something along the lines of this angelic marketing hero being available for his sales partners and clients 24/7?

Authorsilical (774731) 24 Nov 11, 18:11
rather: for all aspects of the business. But what do we know? It may also or additionally mean 24/7; you need to ask him personally, though, to get confirmation of either.
#1AuthorWerner (236488) 24 Nov 11, 18:13
dahinter stehen - common phrase, means - I'm taking responsibility for something, I'm doing everything to make it work, I'm defending this

stehen davor and daneben - is a word game with the upper phrase - to make the sentence a bit more interesting and to emphasise the upper meaning
#2AuthorMarcBerthe (719078) 24 Nov 11, 18:22
angelic marketing hero

I suppose you can get behind someone (and support him), or stand beside him (and support him). I'm not so sure about being in front of him, though. Wouldn't that get in his way? Unless, of course, this is an American football analogy and he's running interference (blocking).
#3AuthorSD3 (451227) 24 Nov 11, 19:03
Dahinter, davor oder daneben, dafür sehe ich folgende Anwendungsfälle:

dahinter: Man stellt sich hinter eine Sache, ein Anliegen

davor: Irgendwer hat Mist gebaut und wird zur Verantwortung gezogen. - Ich stelle mich schützend vor ihn

daneben: Ich stehe Seite an Seite mit meinem/n Kollegen - Gemeinsam sind wir stark

... ? . . .
#4AuthorDaddy . . . (533448) 24 Nov 11, 19:24
These are the things I stand for today. Our sales partners, and also our clients, have my all-around support.

Reckon that will do?

@ SD3 - football is def too cool for this twat!
@ Werner - always appreciate your input, so thanks again.
@ Macberthe - thanks for helping to clear that up.

and now finally time for a glass of wine. cheers!
#5Authorsilical (774731) 24 Nov 11, 19:30
#5: The beauty of translating seemingly complex texts: to find their content isn't all that complex after all ;-)

"sein Inneres herzugeben" ist aber schon heftig, das erinnert mich an diesen aktuellen Faden: related discussion: incapacitated - unfähig gemacht
#6AuthorRaudona (255425) 24 Nov 11, 19:34
You Leonites are a wonderful thing!

@ Raudona: too true - painful how long it got to get there though :)
and HONESTLY, 'sein inneres herzugeben' - is this punk dishing out his heart and soul?!
#7Authorsilical (774731) 24 Nov 11, 20:00
... na ja, das kann Herz und Seele sein, aber auch eine Spenderniere, jedes gespendete Organ . . .

... von Zähnen (für die Zahnfee) will ich hier gar nicht erst anfangen . . . ;-)
#8AuthorDaddy . . . (533448) 24 Nov 11, 20:09
I am finding this all deliciously entertaining - also Raudona's link to the Hirsch that was relieved of its innards. But after two glasses of wine on zero sleep and an empty stomach, I think I shall make a polite exit. Thanks for all the laughs after having to spend too much time with this annoying character!
#9Authorsilical (774731) 24 Nov 11, 20:15
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