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    hat jemand eine Ahnung opder einen Hinweis, was die Abkürzungen NDA/CA auf einer kenianischen Geburtsurkunde bedeuten können.

    Kontext: Geburtsurkunde
    Nach dem Satz "I hereby certify that this certificate is complied from an entry in the Register of Births in the district." folgt:

    NDA/CA 1234 vom Datum
    Auth.No. 1234 vom Datum

    Über einen Hinweis wäre ich dankbar.


    Author bean19 (293090) 30 Nov 11, 17:19
    Non-Disclosure Agreement/Confidentiality Agreement
    #1Author Tricia2212 (723107) 30 Nov 11, 17:30
    @Tricia: Auf einer Geburtsurkunde? Wirklich?
    #2Author penguin (236245) 30 Nov 11, 17:32
    Yep, I've seen it before, confused me at first too!

    A non-disclosure direction may be placed on a person’s records if the person, or his or her personal representative (e.g. person’s parents or other person authorised in writing), reasonably believes that disclosure of the registered information, or any part of the registered information, would be prejudicial to the personal safety of that person or his or her family. A non-disclosure direction expires after 5 years unless it is reinstated or withdrawn.

    If a non-disclosure direction is in place on a person’s record(s), generally only the person who is the subject of the information (or a parent if the person is under 18), or any other person authorised by the subject of the information may request a certificate or printout of that record. If any other person attempts to access registered information when a non-disclosure direction is in place he or she will be advised that the information exists but that the information cannot be provided.

    #3Author Tricia2212 (723107) 30 Nov 11, 17:41
    Eine klassische Geburtsurkunde ist das auch nicht, eher ein Registerauszug, oder?
    #4Author Mattes (236368) 30 Nov 11, 17:42
    @bean19: Geht es hier eventuell um eine Adoption?
    #5Author Tricia2212 (723107) 30 Nov 11, 17:44
    SuggestionNDA / CA
    Vielen Dank für die Infos. Es handelt sich um einen Registerauszug, aber keine Adoptionsurkunde.
    #6Author bean19 (293090) 01 Dec 11, 07:33
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