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courtship sequence/a sequence of courtship

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The courtship sequence began with the marriage rite and was finalized through consummation.

My attempt:

Die Reihenfolge von Liebeswerben begann mit der Ehe und durch Vollendung abgeschlossen war.
I'm not sure how to express "consummation" (as in sexual intercourse) in German. I'd also like to use my own expression "courtship sequence" multiple times, but I'm not sure how to approximate it in German. I appreciate the help.
AuthorTtrriific (839707) 11 Dec 11, 16:57
TranslationDas Liebeswerben begann mit dem Vermählungsritus und endete mit dem Vollzug der Ehe.
Your syntax is unfortunately incorrect (with 'war' at the end of the sentence).
'Reihenfolge von Liebeswerben'doesn't work. The context implies that there is a sequence.
#1Authorteacher man_0 (706263) 11 Dec 11, 17:25
Thanks for help. I appreciate it.
#2AuthorTtrriific (839707) 11 Dec 11, 21:36
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