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Kommt ein neuer Pinsel zum Einsatz, wird dieser 24 h im Testschmutz gesättigt, anschließend ausgedrückt
Squeeze? I think there is a better word but I can't think of it. Thanks.
AuthorAlpena21 Jan 12, 08:50
Well, what word could better describe it? That's what you do - you dip the brush in some sort of gunk, then squeeze it (out) ...

Okay, I'm not a native speaker of English, so there might actually be some "better" word I'm not aware of ;-)

But I definitely like the German word "Testschmutz"!
#1AuthorWoody 1 (455616) 21 Jan 12, 09:00
to crush: ausdrücken
to squash: ausdrücken
to squeeze sth. [e.g. toothpaste tube, sponge]: etw. ausdrücken [z. B. Zahnpastatube, Schwamm]

s. dict.cc
#2AuthorReinhard W. (237443) 21 Jan 12, 17:39
Translationto wring
If the hairs of the brush are really long, one could conceivably wring them out, but this process implies a certain twisting and is usually used with wet clothing. Otherwise I would go with squeeze out
#3Authorstrophy (335645) 22 Jan 12, 05:00
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