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  • Subject

    the whole jolly lot

    on the market: "I’ll take a pound the whole jolly lot."
    Authoryaq1 (843291) 27 Mar 12, 15:17
    Do you mean a pound of the whole jolly lot? Come to think of it, you probably mean at the market, don't you?
    #1AuthorSD3 (451227) 27 Mar 12, 15:20
    No, its more: a pound FOR the whole jolly lot!
    #2Authoryaq1 (843291) 27 Mar 12, 15:21
    A pound sterling? In that case, something like: Ich gebe dir/Ihnen/Euch alles für ein Pfund. (I'm not a native speaker of German so get a second opinion.)

    The whole jolly lot means everything (if that was your question).
    #3AuthorSD3 (451227) 27 Mar 12, 15:32
    take -> nehmen ;)

    der ganze Krempel
    das ganze Zeugs
    das ganze Gedöns [Norddeutsch]
    #4AuthorHeliofaros (805659) 27 Mar 12, 16:52
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