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  • Betreff

    "Two Banks of Four"

    Aus dem Guardian Liveticker
    "Germany will face Italy or Two Banks of Four in the semi-final on Thursday."

    "...we really couldn’t have expected anything other than a pragmatic approach. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but if the Three Lions want to make anything of the next three weeks, then sitting back with two banks of four is probably the best way forward."

    "Playing two banks of four defending so deep they needed an aqualung, with one of two forwards doubling as a emergency second full-back, with just one man left isolated and alone up front expected to cling on for all he was worth to any hacked and hoicked clearances that might land in his general vicinity, yes, England had indeed transformed themselves into the Chelsea of the Euros."
    Ist damit die bei uns als "4-4-2 System" bekannte Aufstellung gemeint?

    VerfasserNGT329 (872016) 23 Jun. 12, 12:18
    Ja. "bank of four" = "Viererkette"

    #1Verfasser Jalapeño (236154) 23 Jun. 12, 12:31
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