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  • Subject

    to prod - nachhaken?

    Wenn jemand in einem Gespräch eine gestellte Frage nicht beantwortet, und der Fragesteller deshalb noch einmal nachhakt, kann man da to prod verwenden?

    "You didn't answer my question," she prodded.
    Die von Leo gebotenen Übersetzungen Dictionary: nachhaken betreffen leider nur ein weiteres Nachfragen, wenn die bisher gegebene Antwort nicht ausreicht und man weitere Informationen haben möchte. In meinem Fall ist aber noch gar keine Antwort gegeben worden.

    Vielen Dank!
    AuthorFoxyHF (852746) 17 Jul 12, 08:55
    Yes. You can "prod" people to do many things.

    It comes from the 1500s, meaning "to poke with a stick". It just means you are trying to make them to do something that they currently aren't doing.
    #1Author Flatternscheu (AE) (868718) 17 Jul 12, 09:02
    I couldn't call it wrong, but it sounds odd to me.
    #2Authorsproink (871702) 17 Jul 12, 09:06
    Prod in this context is perfectly OK in BE I'd say
    #3Authormikefm (760309) 17 Jul 12, 09:18
    When I read the context, I also think "prod" would be used when the question had been answered in part already, but if the question hadn't been answered yet at all, then she would say, "You didn't answer the question," meaning something like:

    "You didn't answer the question," she (purposely) pointed out.
    "You didn't answer the question,", she said demonstratively.

    I just don't see the "prodding" at that stage, since there has been no answer up until that point.
    #4Authorsproink (871702) 17 Jul 12, 09:45
    I'd go with prodded. I take Sproink's point, but would suggest that although his/her answer had not begun, the interaction was indeed underway - assuming the recipient had heard the question.
    #5AuthorSteve-GB (873882) 17 Jul 12, 10:01
    The recipient has heard the question, but hasn't given an answer yet, on purpose or not doesn't matter, I think.

    Thanks a lot @all.
    #6AuthorFoxyHF (852746) 17 Jul 12, 11:15
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