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    Auch Gouverneure, Bürgermeister, Verwaltungsbeamte bis hin zu zivilgesellschaftlichen Akteuren müssen Fähigkeiten entwickeln, Dezentralisierung zu leben und im Interesse der Bürger zu gestalten.
    Dezentralisierung zu leben? Can somebody help me understand what is meant?
    Authorroaring_40s (731330) 25 Jul 12, 10:53
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    life  - pl.: livesdas Leben  pl.
    to live  | lived, lived |leben  | lebte, gelebt |
    alive Leben
    risking one's life unter Einsatz seines Lebens
    to spring to life [fig.]zum Leben erwachen [fig.]
    once in a lifetimeeinmal im Leben
    Life is fatal!Das Leben ist tödlich!
    Suggestionpractice in daily life / realize
    #1AuthorEifelblume (341002) 25 Jul 12, 11:03
    demonstrate / exemplify
    #2Author penguin (236245) 25 Jul 12, 11:03
    Even governors, mayors, government employees up to civil socially actors need to develop skills to live decentralization and to act in the interest of the citizen.

    I like very much the idea that especially politicians should live/ be active in what they are praying! :-)
    #3Authorsahti (739631) 25 Jul 12, 11:05
    Suggestionbe less focussed on central administration
    This is how I am reading the text:

    The people mentioned are most likely to always refer to the officials... the have to learn, however, to act more citizen friendly/be more independent.
    #4AuthorNapoline (684006) 25 Jul 12, 11:08
    Many, many thanks to all of you. I think I will go along with 'practise/realise'. Seems to make the most sense here.
    #5Authorroaring_40s (731330) 25 Jul 12, 12:16
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