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    contrary opposition

    As we have seen that there are four types of categorical propositions namely A, E, I and 3-propositions having respectively the logical structure of the form "All S is P", "No S is P", "Some S is P" and "Some S is not P".

    Contrary opposition is a kind of opposition that holds between two universal propositions having the same subject and same predicate but differing only in quality. Thus, A and E- propositions are contrarily related. Here, the truth of A-proposition implies the falsity of E- proposition and the truth of an E-proposition implies the falsity of an A-proposition. But from one falsity of either one, nothing about the other can be inferred. The truth of either one implies lie falsity of the other. This means in case of contrary opposition, both cannot be true together but can be false together.

    For example, "All poets are emotional" and "No poets are emotional" are contrarily related. Because the truth of "No poets are emotional" implies the falsity of "All poets are emotional" i.e. the truth of either one implies the falsity of the other. But, if one is raise, the truth value of the other remains undecided.

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