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    Company name - singular or plural


    Company name - singular or plural

    In a GB context I am using the name of a company, for example:

    "ABC ensures that...."

    I have often seen the plural form used as a company name is treated as a collective. Is the singular form also common or a no-no?
    Appreciate your help. Thank you.
    Verfasser Julie_5 (672070) 23 Okt. 12, 11:50
    Singular is not a no-no; depends on context (surprise, surprise) - "ABC ensures that...." the company; but if "ABC ensures that...." means the workforce then the plural is often used; just my thoughts
    #1Verfassermikefm (760309) 23 Okt. 12, 11:59
    can't think when a corporation would be plural
    #2Verfassernoli (489500) 23 Okt. 12, 12:00
    from a BBC article on the subject, e.g.

    My family consists of me, my two brothers and my mum.
    Before the recession, my brother's family were quite well off, but now they are hard up.
    The government has said it will give more money to hospitals and schools.
    The government are determined not to let their popularity with the voters slip.
    The class was / were good academically, but the football team was /were well beaten.
    The BBC is / are planning to introduce 35 minute news broadcasts in the spring.
    The British Council have / has offices in over a hundred countries worldwide.

    AFAIK though, the plural is rarely used in AE; I'm sure there are some Leo threads too
    #3Verfassermikefm (760309) 23 Okt. 12, 12:11
    Thank you mikefm. In American English, the plural is never used, however, they stressed use of GB English.
    As your BBC articles show, both options seem to be possible. So I think I'll stick with the singular form.
    #4Verfasser Julie_5 (672070) 23 Okt. 12, 12:27
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