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    Schale einer Mango...

    Die Schale einer Mango schmeckte bitter.

    VerfasserNickelias (668288) 26 Nov. 12, 14:33
    #1Verfassernoli (489500) 26 Nov. 12, 14:34
    When you peel the mango you're left with the skin. Same goes for apples. Snakes molt. Hunters skin.
    #2VerfasserSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 26 Nov. 12, 14:47
    What about potatoes, Sage?
    #3Verfasserdude (253248) 26 Nov. 12, 14:50
    OT: Sage, jetzt geht mir der Bandname nicht mehr aus dem Kopf: "The Molting Mangoes" ;-)
    #4VerfasserLady Grey (235863) 26 Nov. 12, 14:51
    @#2: Actually it's not so clear-cut as that. "apple peel," "mango peel," and the like are also possible. "the peel of an apple/mango" too.
    #5VerfasserPhillipp26 Nov. 12, 14:55
    BTW: peels or peelings can be used for anything that can be peeled, mangos included. :-)

    Edit: or as Phillipp says.
    #6Verfasserdude (253248) 26 Nov. 12, 14:55
    But only after it's peeled off, right?
    #7VerfasserSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 26 Nov. 12, 15:08
    That's an interesting point. And yet the OED gives examples of "peel" being used for the skin when it's still on.
    #8VerfasserPhillipp26 Nov. 12, 15:12
    still, having lived under mango trees, commonly referred to as skins
    #9Verfassernoli (489500) 26 Nov. 12, 15:13
    It has been my experience that skin is used when the covering is relatively thin, whereas peel is used when it's thicker, like in banana peel, or orange peel. But it's not a strict rule. On the other hand, "peelings" always seems to refer to skin after it's come off.
    #10Verfasserdude (253248) 26 Nov. 12, 15:17
    On the other hand, "peelings" always seems to refer to skin after it's come off.

    You should know about peeling, Dude, living in sunny CA. :-)
    #11Verfassermikefm (760309) 26 Nov. 12, 15:46
    Yes, peels are thicker than skins.

    However, you still peel an onion, either the dry, outside layer only or you can keep peeling an onion layer by layer, but what you end up with is onion skin, never onion peels or peelings.

    One would never say, for example, skin a banana. One peels a banana. One slips on a banana peel.
    #12VerfassermikeS (366927) 26 Nov. 12, 15:53
    There are also rinds.

    With citrus fruits, one can peel off the rind.

    I can't think of any other fruits that have a rind.

    With a pineapple it's trickier.. I wouldn't really call the outside inedible part either a skin, rind or peel..

    pretty much just the outer layer...
    #13VerfassermikeS (366927) 26 Nov. 12, 15:59
    #12: you can certainly slip on a banana skin in BE. In fact I would dare to say it is more common.
    #14VerfasserSpike BE (535528) 26 Nov. 12, 16:03

    Neil, Neil - orange peel
    #15Verfasserher man (774377) 26 Nov. 12, 16:08
    duh yes.. orange peel or orange rind. both are ok.
    #16VerfassermikeS (366927) 26 Nov. 12, 16:12
    Und ist zest nur zest, wenn sie abgerieben ist, oder auch, wenn sie noch an der Frucht ist? ;-)
    #17VerfasserLady Grey (235863) 26 Nov. 12, 16:18
    re #13:
    Right, that's another one to add to my #2: When people have a sunburn, they don't skin and they don't molt, they peel :-)

    And, for the onion... So what do they call the thin diaphragm membrane thingy that's between each layer? Onion membrane?
    #18VerfasserSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 26 Nov. 12, 16:21
    Right, that's another one to add to my #2: When people have a sunburn, they don't skin and they don't molt, they peel :-) even if they are not sunburnt after a holiday, they may well be skinned scnr
    #19Verfassernoli (489500) 26 Nov. 12, 18:08
    "Peel, also known as rind or skin, is the outer protective layer of a fruit or vegetable which could be peeled off."
    #20Verfassersvaihingen (705121) 26 Nov. 12, 18:47
    'Could be peeled off'? If what?

    Wiki articles are getting really unbelievably bad with regard to English.

    re #19: Good one. (-:

    I know that, in the sense of broke, out of money, as skint, which I thought was a spelling meant to reflect dialect.
    #21Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 27 Nov. 12, 02:17
    And could anyone please tell me why you would eat mango peel?
    #22Verfassersusanne133 (607830) 27 Nov. 12, 08:11
    Not an issue when they are ripe and freshly picked from a tree :-)
    #23VerfasserSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 27 Nov. 12, 09:36
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