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  • Betreff

    Rahmen setzen

    Context: Die Kosten setzten damals wie heute den Rahmen.

    I know what is meant. Costs were a top priority, but how can I word it best?

    "Then as now costs were a primary factor"???
    Thank you.
    Verfasser Julie_5 (672070) 02 Dez. 12, 15:07
    I have no idea what they are trying to express

    Then as now costs determine the structure?
    are the determining factor?
    are a/the major/single most important consideration?
    define actions?
    set guidelines?
    limiting factor? limit freedom of action?
    containment of costs remains the guiding principle?
    #1Verfassernoli (489500) 02 Dez. 12, 15:14
    Something with "budget" might work:

    We had to work within a budget, as we do today.
    The budget limited what we could do, as it does today.
    How much we could do was determined by the budget, as it is today.
    #2Verfasser captain flint (782544) 02 Dez. 12, 16:24
    Thanks noli and captain flint.

    "budget" is a good idea, think I'll opt for "work within a budget".
    #3Verfasser Julie_5 (672070) 02 Dez. 12, 16:49
    Budget might work in the right context, but it does also imply things besides costs. I would suggest:

    Back then, just as now, costs were the limiting factor.
    #4VerfasserJSC (US) (747647) 03 Dez. 12, 09:02
    I like JSC's idea.

    Possibly a shorter version "Costs were and remain the limiting factor."
    #5Verfasser Ffive (876338) 03 Dez. 12, 09:12
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