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    Do you have keys to Fontaine's office?
    Of course. I'm his PA.
    Verfasserbubo (243012) 01 Mai 13, 09:38
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    pader Papa  Pl.: die Papas
    personal assistant [Abk.: PA]persönlicher Assistent
    multi-pass  Adj. [ELEKT.]doppelflutig
    to make a faux pas entgleisen  | entgleiste, entgleist |   - sich schlecht benehmen
    Fashions pass.Die Mode kommt und geht.
    in a single passin einem einzigen Arbeitsgang
    Things have come to a pretty pass.Es muss schon sehr weit gekommen sein.
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    Personal Assistant, das moderne englische Wort für "(Chef-)Sekretärin"

    Siehe Wörterbuch: personal assistant
    #1Verfasser penguin (236245) 01 Mai 13, 09:38
    #2Verfasserbubo (243012) 01 Mai 13, 09:49
    In chapter 43, he is introduced as a "Personal Aide."
    #3Verfasser svaihingen (705121) 01 Mai 13, 09:59
    Who is, svaihingen? How is anyone supposed to know that without any more context?
    #4Verfasser penguin (236245) 01 Mai 13, 10:03
    On the other hand, Sekretärinwas a bit narrow from the start.
    #5Verfasser Werner (236488) 01 Mai 13, 10:05
    Ich behaupte einfach mal, daß mindestens 95% aller PA Frauen sind.
    #6Verfasser penguin (236245) 01 Mai 13, 10:07
    I googled the phrase, found the book, searched the term, and found the words, took about two minutes.
    #7Verfasser svaihingen (705121) 01 Mai 13, 10:15
    I was unsure about personal assistant because I don't think I've heard it abbreviated like that before. I am familiar with PA as a production assistant in Tv and movie production. In this case, it turned out to be a personal aide to a high ranking officer in the NSA. Probably similar to the personal aides that Admirals and Generals have, probably a junior career officer, not a secretarial position.
    #8Verfasser svaihingen (705121) 01 Mai 13, 10:22
    googled the phrase, found the book

    The point is that we shouldn't have to.
    "Personal Assistant" is always abbreviated "PA", by the way.
    #9Verfasser penguin (236245) 01 Mai 13, 10:24
    Not "always", and I don't think I've ever heard it spoken out loud. I'm not saying it NEVER happens, but it's not universal.
    #10Verfasser svaihingen (705121) 01 Mai 13, 10:29
    ... by the way.
    #11Verfasser svaihingen (705121) 01 Mai 13, 10:31
    I see you are American. In the UK it is always "I'm a PA", "Please phone my PA for an appointment" etc. Seems to be another BE/AE difference.
    #12Verfasser penguin (236245) 01 Mai 13, 10:41
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