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  • Subject

    to do tape

    The producer of a tv show says:

    I'm doing tape today, you continue working on the script.
    Unfortunately there's no further context, it's only a short scene to give viewers an idea of that woman's job.

    Does anyone know what could be meant here? Tape back-up or tape-overs maybe ...?

    Authorgonick (769016) 24 May 13, 12:32
    Evtl. : Ich kümmere mich um die Bänder, ...
    #1Authorno me bré (700807) 24 May 13, 13:17
    Versatile producer with experience doing tape and live
    Maybe he means he's putting on a pre-recorded show?
    #2AuthorCM2DD (236324) 24 May 13, 13:43
    This is said during a meeting before the show, don't know if this helps? So nothing has been recorded yet.
    Don't know if this serves as a useful clue?

    Any more feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    #3Authorgonick (769016) 24 May 13, 14:41
    I mean: perhaps he is taking a tape out of the archive and playing it, not overseeing a live show. So the second part of his comment could mean 'You have another week to work on the script, because we don't need it this week'.
    #4AuthorCM2DD (236324) 24 May 13, 14:46
    hmmm, I see what you mean, but I'm not sure that's it, as they're in the run-up to recording a show.
    Or do you think maybe it's something producer regularly do, and means something like 'archivieren'?
    Also, when you put 'do tape' in Google, some people advertise it as a skill or service, so it must be like a normal action?

    Still quite unsure, would still appreciate other people's feedback.

    Thanks for all your answers so far!
    #5Authorgonick (769016) 24 May 13, 16:13
    'Doing' something with something means sich mit etwas beschäftigen, etwas machen. In the context of TV shows, 'tape' is the celluloid medium on which you record a show.

    Possible meanings in this context are that the speaker is working with the tape that day:

    e.g. as a video tape operator:

    Or (as this is the director) telling the video tape operator when to stop and start:

    Or my first suggestion, which I think you didn't understand. No, I did not say it means 'archivieren'. I said that perhaps the director is saying 'Today I am not broadcasting a live show. I am playing a taped show.'

    I don't know what you found on Google but I don't see anyone offering to 'do tape'. I see the Can-Do National Tape Company, selling adhesive tape.
    #6AuthorCM2DD (236324) 24 May 13, 16:43
    pretty obvious, ain't it?

    let me give you a couple of quotes to substantiate my translation:
    "Were you doing tape by then? No that was all live."
    "Like I said, I don't do live, I only do tape."
    #7Authorkorakov (930457) 24 May 13, 21:22
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