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  • Subject

    Begehrlichkeit wecken

    Context/ examples
    Wenn ich XXX dieses Privileg zugestehe, wird das bei YYY und ZZZ nur Begehrlichkeiten wecken.
    Leider bekomme ich bei der Forumssuche mit "Begehrlichkeit" immer wieder eine Fehlermeldung. Ich hoffe daher, das ist kein wiederholtes Posting.
    Mein Problem ist, dass die meisten Übersetzungen von "Begehrlichkeit" gleich einen erotischen Unterton haben. Darum geht es aber hier überhaupt nicht. Auch das Wort "Neid" trifft nicht. Es muss doch im Englischen genau so eine runde Formulierung geben wie im Deutschen, oder sind alle Englischsprachigen so politisch korrekt, dass "Begehrlichkeiten" dort überhaupt nicht vorkommen?
    AuthorKommerzienrat12 Jan 06, 14:50 will only lead to YYY and ZZZ coveting the same
    an attempt
    #1Authorlaalaa12 Jan 06, 14:59
    thanks for that suggestion, but isn't covetous
    a) inordinate
    b) with a religious tense?
    In my eyes "Begehrlichkeit" does strictly not mean this is inappropriate.
    Seems to be a difficult task ...
    #2AuthorKommerzienrat12 Jan 06, 15:23
    Context/ examples
    It is tempting to explain fads on the basis of a single motive such as prestige. Prestige is gained by being among the first and most adept at a skill that everyone else covets. That the skill fails as a source of prestige when it is no longer scarce is an important explanation for the abrupt end of a fad. But motives are complex and varied. The exhilaration of joining a band…
    or... back to basics, what's wrong with

    In granting this privilege to XXX I will only make YYY and ZZZ want it, too.

    Let sleeping privileges lie....;)

    #3Authorlaalaa12 Jan 06, 15:33
    Suggestion to awaken desirousness
    Context/ examples
    your desire is a pretty tough one to please I should say. The above is listed under LEO. It sounds sort of clumsy to me, I thought I'd mention it
    #4AuthorCarl12 Jan 06, 15:34
    I'd suggest:

    will arouse desires

    @Carl - desirousness is the noun from desirous, which means having desires - although this might be closer to the German original, I think it too overdone for what, essentially is a simple phrase.

    If I grant ABC this privilege, it will only arouse desires in XYZ .
    #5Authorodnondon irl12 Jan 06, 15:45

    i know arouse and desire go together... alt..

    create desire..
    #6Authork12 Jan 06, 15:49
    Context/ examples
    Thank you odondon, but 'to arouse'releases an erotic connotation in MY brain, which I wanted avoid
    #7AuthorCarl12 Jan 06, 16:03
    I'd personally go with "to stir desire".

    The sexual innuendo can hardly be negated in any of the examples. This goes along with the "desire", however, and will probably persist, no matter what you pair it with.

    "To create want" is something else that comes to mind. You dodge the "desire", but as a non-native speaker I'm not 100% sure about it.
    #8AuthorKnolle12 Jan 06, 16:40
    This word is often used in political contexts when it's a matter of people struggling for power. Each covets or desires the office or title of the others.
    #9Authormenoeceus04 Nov 07, 18:11
    Suggestionwhet the appetites
    Could you say 'whet the appetites of YYY and ZZZ'?
    Just a thought
    #10AuthorMouse04 Nov 07, 18:15
    Suggestionit will only make YYY and ZZZ jealous
    or envious
    #11Author Martin--cal (272273) 04 Nov 07, 18:27
    Suggestionraise expectations
    der Begriff wird in LEO auch verwendet - und ist meines Wissens auch eher gebräuchlich als vorangegangene Vorschläge.
    #12Authoraxinho17 Dec 08, 11:07
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