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  • Subject

    set one's teeth

    So Eragon set his teeth and silently rehearsed the stories he had concocted to explain his trip.
    Author MacIntyre (573191) 16 Sep 13, 14:00
    die Zähne zusammenbeißen
    #1Author Lady Grey (235863) 16 Sep 13, 14:04
    dann ist das also dasselbe wie 'grit one's teeth' ?!
    #2Author MacIntyre (573191) 16 Sep 13, 14:18
    So ähnlich, ja, obwohl gritting one's teeth wörtlich mit den Zähnen knirschen zu bedeuten scheint - es wird aber auch häufig in Situationen verwendet, wo wir "die Zähne zusammenbeißen" würden.

    Hier die Definition und Beispiele für aus dem OED:
    "to set one's teeth : to press or clench one's teeth firmly together from indignation, or fixed resolution as in facing danger, opposition, or difficulty; hence fig. or allusively; see also set v.1 95.
    a1616 Shakespeare Henry V (1623) iii. i. 15 Now set the Teeth, and stretch the Nosthrill wide.
    1673 Dryden Marriage a-la-Mode Epil., You..set your teeth when each design fell short.
    1823 Scott Quentin Durward III. ix. 230 ‘If this should prove truth,’ said the Duke, setting his teeth, and pressing his heel against the ground.
    1859 ‘G. Eliot’ Adam Bede III. v. xxxvii. 37 She set her teeth when she thought of Arthur: she cursed him.
    1870 W. Morris Earthly Paradise II. iii. 350 Her teeth were set hard, and her brow was knit."

    Besser wär's allerdings, wenn noch der eine oder andere Native meine Funde und Eindrücke überprüfen könnte.
    #3Author Lady Grey (235863) 16 Sep 13, 14:57
    Thank you so much, Mylady, that was really helpful. :)
    #4Author MacIntyre (573191) 16 Sep 13, 15:48
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