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  • Subject

    depend on / rely on

    Many people depend on tourism.
    I didn't quite get the difference between 'rely on' and 'depend on'
    I said, that many people depended on tourism (they have no other opportunity to earn money) and the lector corrected: rely on, which means (more likely for me ) people trust and expect that tourist industry provides jobs.
    ist überhaupt mein Kommentar in Englisch halbwegs fehlerfrei?
    Author Flo93 (397746) 06 Nov 13, 11:23
    I am with you, would have said "depend on" and see "rely on" the same way you do. Your English is fine.
    #1Author Werner (236488) 06 Nov 13, 11:29
    depend on - sind abhängig von
    rely on - verlassen sich auf
    #2Author no me bré (700807) 06 Nov 13, 11:30

    rely (depend on):
    to rely on [or upon] sb/sth von jdm/etw abhängen

    to rely on [or upon] sb/sth doing sth darauf angewiesen sein, dass jd/etw etw tut
    #3AuthorH.B. (213580) 06 Nov 13, 11:32
    Das wäre wahrscheinlich in der Sektion "Sprachlabor" besser aufgehoben. Ich würde bei "people depend on tourism" in diesem Kontext noch eine Ergänzung erwarten, z. B. "... for job opportunities/to earn their way of living". Bin aber kein Englisch-Muttersprachler.
    #4Author Mattes (236368) 06 Nov 13, 11:35
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