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Knusprig, glänzend in der Pfanne

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Description of how to prepare some frozen crêpes - you can heat them up in the pan, like this, or put them in the microwave to have them steaming and soft.
Does "glänzend" actually mean that they are nice and crispy, too? I see a lot of descriptions of baked bread being knusprig und glänzend when it comes out of the oven. "Shiny" would sound like "oily" to me; maybe "golden" to show that they have been well fried?
AuthorCM2DD (236324) 25 Mar 14, 09:37
it is kind of glistening.. does it sound less greasy?

as they say in the pan they will turn out crispy ... micro wrecks texture...
#1Authornoli (489500) 25 Mar 14, 09:39
Yes; have just changed it to "steamy" for the microwaved ones as "soft and steaming" was reminding me of something else...

When it says glänzend, does it mean that effect where the bread or whatever cooks or bakes against the hot tray and so is very smooth, hard and shiny in places?
#2AuthorCM2DD (236324) 25 Mar 14, 09:51
CM if you make a batter and fry pancakes - they are shiny...
I think they mention crispy as (old) pancakes from packet will be drier and may turn out crispy when reheated in the pan...
OT btw in my experience does not happen with tortillas... easy and successful to make quesadillas using large prefab tortillas...
#3Authornoli (489500) 25 Mar 14, 09:59
Einfach nur glatt (und sicherlich auch ölig, fettig). Wie noli schon so richtig erwähnt: 'micro[wave] wrecks texture'
Manches wird in der Mikrowelle matt, unansehlich, aufgedunsen.
#4Authorwor (335727) 25 Mar 14, 10:00
I guess I'm just put off by this shiny bread. "Glistening" does sound more appetising, thanks.
#5AuthorCM2DD (236324) 25 Mar 14, 10:04
glistening for food, really? Wet asphalt in the sun, ok, but pancakes?

Maybe just smooth?
#6AuthorSpinatwachtel (341764) 25 Mar 14, 10:06
Entirely agree; shiny bread sound very odd IMO.
#7Authormikefm (760309) 25 Mar 14, 10:06
Mein erster Gedanke war übrigens "[gelingt] glänzend in der Pfanne". Gibt der Kontext das her?
#8Authorwor (335727) 25 Mar 14, 10:09
wor you make too much sense!
brilliant in the frying pan!
#9Authornoli (489500) 25 Mar 14, 10:11
Knusprig, glänzend in der Pfanne
Dampfend, weich in der Mikrowelle
No, just this. I'm now thinking "glossy", which also seems a bit more popular for describing bread.
#10AuthorCM2DD (236324) 25 Mar 14, 10:14
How about golden?
It's more usual for pancakes, and it implies the shininess of the "glänzend", too, doesn't it?
#11AuthorSpinatwachtel (341764) 25 Mar 14, 10:17
Wieso eigentlich 'Brot' ich dachte es geht um 'Crepes'. Da würde ich eher bei pancakes schauen, und die sind in den USA gerne shiny, natürlich oft wegen des Ahornsirups, aber wir wollen das ja nicht so eng sehen.
*edit* oder wie in #11
#12Authorwor (335727) 25 Mar 14, 10:19
have we had "glazed"?
#13Authormikefm (760309) 25 Mar 14, 10:20
But they're not glazed, they are just "shining" (or golden) and crispy when fried in the pan, as opposed to steamy and soft when they are reheated in the microwave.
#14Authorpenguin (236245) 25 Mar 14, 10:22
übrigens, "frozen crêpes", whatever next... Tiefkühl-Rührei? (leichte Zubereitung in der Pfanne...:-)) Gekochte Eier aus der Dose?
#15AuthorSpinatwachtel (341764) 25 Mar 14, 10:24
I was just editing :-); said "probably not because there's "glazing" - could one say "glazy"?
#16Authormikefm (760309) 25 Mar 14, 10:25
Spinatwachtel, Du solltest Kochkurse geben :-)
#17Authorpenguin (236245) 25 Mar 14, 10:27
#5: Gekochte Eier aus der Dose - well, pickled eggs are part of the way there, surely? (And, no, I've never tried one!)
#18AuthorSpike BE (535528) 25 Mar 14, 10:31
I did ask about "golden", but to me that means a nice light brown colour (and thus well enough done to be crispy) rather than shiny.

These are for people who have trouble using the ready-made pancake mixes, I'm guessing!
#19AuthorCM2DD (236324) 25 Mar 14, 10:37
there is no colour to glänzend...
the same people who are unable to use a pancake mix are likely to reheat ineptly and they end up with crispy pancakes... so crispy = probable reassurance for those who can't do better.
#20Authornoli (489500) 25 Mar 14, 10:40
Geht es hier tatsächlich um gefrorene Crêpes? Es kommt mir seltsam vor, daß es erstrebenswert sein soll, diese knusprig und glänzend auf dem Teller zu haben. Crêpes (oder Pfannkuchen) erwarte und möchte ich weder knusprig noch glänzend, sondern weich, geschmeidig und von eher matter Oberfläche.
Ich denke, eine wirklich gute Übersetzung hängt auch am Produkt, das beschrieben wird. Die deutsche Version macht es da nicht gerade einfach.
#21AuthorDarth (563277) 25 Mar 14, 11:11
crisp and shining ...


... out of the microwave, crisp and golden from the pan

#22AuthorEverytime (425100) 25 Mar 14, 11:17
#23Authorhereami (863914) 25 Mar 14, 11:48
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