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  • Subject

    konkret und einzeln

    Die Auftragserteilung erfolgt konkret und einzeln jeweils über ein Begleitdokument zu den Proben
    What is the meaning of "konkret und einzeln" here?
    Author Pipper (917363) 16 May 14, 15:18
    Suggestionspecifically and in each individual case
    #1Author mad (239053) 16 May 14, 15:20
    So each order must be placed separately?

    Still not sure what "konkret" is supposed to signify here...
    #2Author Pipper (917363) 16 May 14, 15:23
    Es empfiehlt sich, die deutsche Satzkonstruktion umzustellen:

    For each XXX a separate order will be placed and specified in a written document accompanying XXX
    #3Author M-A-Z (306843) 16 May 14, 15:25
    The actual order is placed on a case by case basis ...

    Hm, vielleicht so, zweiter Versuch der Übersetzung.

    konkret = hier: the actual order

    Edit: # 3 ist gut.
    #4Author mad (239053) 16 May 14, 15:26
    vllt auch so:
    The actual(=konkret) orders will be individually(=einzeln) placed in form of a written ...

    Mist : mad war schneller :-/
    #5Author wor (335727) 16 May 14, 15:29
    *gelöscht* doppelpost
    #6Author wor (335727) 16 May 14, 15:29
    Thanks for clearing that up, people!

    How about: "The specific orders shall be placed separately"
    #7Author Pipper (917363) 16 May 14, 15:31

    How about

    The specific orders will be placed individually.
    #8Author HappyMan (911136) 16 May 14, 15:41
    Maybe something along the lines of:

    In practice, orders are placed separately by means of an accompanying document ...
    #9Author Bennett (395232) 16 May 14, 15:44
    Suggestionjointly and severally ?
    I am no legal expert, but could this be "jointly and severally, ?

    Investopedia explains 'Jointly and Severally'

    1. When an investor authorizes power of attorney to two separate lawyers jointly and severally, both lawyers can make binding decisions without the approval of the other lawyer.
    #10AuthorPeter Linton (UK) (236206) 16 May 14, 17:10
    Zu #10: M.E. passt der Vorschlag hier nicht ( er bezieht sich eher auf juristische Vorgänge -Gesamtschuld und Gesamtgläubigerschaft usw.)
    #11Author wienergriessler (925617) 16 May 14, 17:15
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