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  • Subject

    aus heiterem Himmel

    Context/ examples
    Out of the blue....

    geht das nur mit "arrive" oder kann man auch sagen:

    Peter's accusations broke out of the blue.

    Irgendwas was spritzig klingt!

    AuthorSL10 Feb 06, 11:11
    Suggestionout of the clear blue sky!
    Context/ examples
    nicht viel geändert - aber peppig genug für dich?
    #1AuthorCarl10 Feb 06, 11:16
    Suggestioncame out of the blue
    #2AuthorHans10 Feb 06, 11:19
    The suggestions offered so far are good, but I think there is more frequently a "from" before the "out":

    ...came from out of the blue/the clear blue sky.
    ...appeared from out of the blue.

    Informally, you often hear "right" in this position:
    ...came right out of the blue.

    UK usage may be different.
    #3AuthorGeorgeA (US)10 Feb 06, 15:27
    Danke an alle!
    #4AuthorSL10 Feb 06, 15:57
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