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  • Subject

    einzeln betrachten

    Um die Eigenschaften des Hauses nicht einzeln betrachten zu müssen, fassen wir diese zusammen.
    Authorgumel81 (831747) 01 Aug 14, 19:47
    SuggestionTo not have to look at each charasteristic individually
    Mal für den Anfang.
    #1Author Werner (236488) 01 Aug 14, 19:53
    In order not to have to look at each characteristic of the house individually, we will make a summary.
    #2Author maxxpf (361343) 01 Aug 14, 20:12
    SuggestionIn lieu of listing the singular aspects of the house, we are summing up
    evtl. auch so
    #3Authorincando (884217) 01 Aug 14, 20:16
    "in order ..." ist hier lästig wie ein Kropf.
    #4Author Werner (236488) 01 Aug 14, 20:22
    #4 - Es wird so aber von Muttersprachlern oft verwendet. Ich kann keinen Beleg für eine Verwendung von To not have to look am Satzanfang finden. Jedenfalls scheint mir das sehr unüblich zu sein.
    #5Author maxxpf (361343) 01 Aug 14, 20:29

    In order not to examine each single characteristic/trait/aspect of the house, we will sum these up.

    (natives: checken)
    #6AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 01 Aug 14, 20:52
    "In order not to ..." sounds just weird, no matter how many google hits. If at all, I'd say "in order to not ..."

    But here maybe: so as to not have to view each aspect of the house individually, we are summarizing / we will summarize them.
    #7Author dude (253248) 01 Aug 14, 21:04
    #8Author maxxpf (361343) 01 Aug 14, 21:08
    "In order not to ..." sounds just weird

    I believe it's normal BE. See Swan, Practical English Usage, article 280 (2): forms:

    "5 negative forms
    Negative infinitives are normally made by putting not before the infinitive.
    Try not to be late....
    You were very silly not to have locked your car....
    #9Author SD3 (451227) 01 Aug 14, 22:14

    To avoid considering the characteristics of each house individually, let's take them together.
    #10AuthorHappyWarrior (964133) 01 Aug 14, 22:17
    >#4 "in order ..." ist hier lästig wie ein Kropf. 
    @ Werner
    No it isn't.
    The words "in order" are often redundant and can be removed to leave just "to" as an expression of purpose. That works with the sentence in #10. BUT the full expression is needed in the negative ("in order not to"), so the sentence in #1 doesn't work.
    "in order to not ..." sounds really weird to me ... ;-)
    #11Author Marianne (BE) (237471) 01 Aug 14, 23:02
    Oh, suddenly it seems to me that over the years I have turned into a decent Brit then! What a jolly good feeling that is! :-)
    #12Author maxxpf (361343) 02 Aug 14, 01:13
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