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    I am having a lot of trouble with a description of early 20th century glassblowing.

    Once made, "Dann kam [das Glas] mit einem kleinen Wagen in ein Magazin und in die Einbindstube, die mit Frauen bevölkert war. Dort wurden die Flaschen, Becher oder Vasen versandfertig in Stroh eingebunden."

    My take: Then it was brought by cart/wagon into a depot and into the packaging room, which was full of women. They packaged it in straw to be ready for shipment.

    Re: cart/wagon/carriage, there's no context to tell me if the Magazin is nearby.

    But later it does say "Von der Einbindstube ging es ins Magazin und von da über eine Rampe in die Waggons, die am Industriegeleise standen." So I think trains were waiting for a longer delivery afterwards. Just checking if I'm on the right track. Danke!
    Authornouvelleprof (1059433) 06 Feb 15, 04:23
    They readied the bottles, cups and vases for shipment by wrapping/packaging them in straw.

    I'd say

    Next stop was the wrapping/packaging room, and from there a ramp led to the train standing on the industrial tracks.

    #1Authordude (253248) 06 Feb 15, 04:50
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