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  • Subject


    Er hat definitiv eine der schönsten und einzigartigsten Stimmen überhaupt.

    He has definitely one of the most beautiful and unique voices ever.

    Kann man das so stehen lassen? Oder muss das unique vor das most? weil "einzigartiger" gibt es ja nicht.
    Authorpeach888 (959582) 01 May 15, 15:30
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    unique  adj.besonders  adv.
    unique  adj.einzig
    unique  adj.einzeln
    unique   archaicdas Einzelstück  pl.: die Einzelstücke
    unique   archaicdas Unikum
    to be unique ein Unikat sein
    to be unique ein Unikum sein
    "His voice is unique, and is one of the best ever." I'd say.
    As it stands your sentence suggests his voice belongs to a number of unique voices.
    #1Authormikefm (760309) 01 May 15, 15:37
    weil "einzigartiger" gibt es ja nicht.

    'einzigartigsten' übrigens auch nicht. Wenn etwas einzigartig ist, gibt es kein zweites davon. Das kann man nicht steigern.
    #2Author Gibson (418762) 01 May 15, 16:14
    I would avoid 'unique' - an over-used word, and would say:
    He has one of the most beautiful and individual voices in music
    #3AuthorLinton (253790) 01 May 15, 16:16
    Agree; every person in the world has a unique voice - like faces, and our bodies for that matter.

    Even identical twins can't be really identical presumably - exactly the same number of cells e.g.? :-)

    It doesn't jar like "more unique" etc., but should one say "most...individual..."?
    #4Authormikefm (760309) 01 May 15, 16:37
    most outstanding ?
    #5Author her man (774377) 01 May 15, 17:17
    Another option, just for comparison, might be 'distinctive,' but I like 'individual' here too.

    Or perhaps 'unusual,' if he has some strange quality to his voice. (High falsetto or countertenor; Tiny Tim; Leonard Cohen ...)
    #6Author hm -- us (236141) 01 May 15, 17:33
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