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    Context/ examples
    vgl. die Konkordanz s.v.
    s.v. ist die Abkürzung für "sub voce", was so viel bedeutet wie "unter dem Stichwort" (gemeint ist also, man soll in der Konkordanz unter dem vorher genannten Stichwort nachschlagen).

    Ich hatte überlegt, "ad loc" zu übersetzen, doch das ist eigentlich die Entsprechung für deutsch "z. St. (zur Stelle)", was auch nicht so gut passt, weil es hier nicht um eine (Bibel)stelle geht, sondern um ein bestimmtes Wort.

    Für Übersetzungsvorschläge wäre ich sehr dankbar!
    AuthorLostInTranslation12 Mar 06, 09:19
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    sievert [abbr.: SV] [PHYS.]das Sievert [abbr.: Sv]   - Maßeinheit für radioaktive Strahlung   [Nuclear physics]
    According to the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia, it seems as if s.v is also the appropriate abbreviation in English: "sub voce, under that word; in the place where that subject is considered (abbreviated as s.v.)"
    Confirmed also by Douglas Harper's online etymological dictionary: "1859, from L., lit. 'under the word or heading.' Usually abbreviated s.v"

    Whether or not s.v. is only used in connection with alphabetically arranged reference works I don't know, but a concordance is such a work anyway...
    #1AuthorSammy12 Mar 06, 11:50
    My trusty Chicago Manual of Style (the Essential Guide for Writers, Editors and Publishers) has 2 listings for s.v.

    Purely scholarly abbreviations such as ibid., cf. and s.v. are preferably used only in notes and other forms of scholarly apparatus.

    References to an encyclopedia, dictionary, or other alphabetically arranged word cite the item (not the volume or page number) preceded by s.v. (sub verbo, "under the word")
    Examples: Encyclopedia Britannica, 11 ed,. s.v. "original package"
    Webster's New International Dictionary, 3d ed., s.v. "epistrophe."
    Columbia Encyclopedia, 4th ed., s.v. "cold war"
    Dictionary of American Biography, s.v. "Wadsworth, Jeremiah."

    Don't see why you couldn't use s.v.
    #2Authorsat ur day12 Mar 06, 12:06
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