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  • Subject

    surplus to establishment

    "He had butted in with a higher figure than Yates had declared when a Remounts Officer came to comb out horses surplus to establishment."
    although the expression can be found in the internet neither an explanation nor a definition is given.
    Thank you those who can help...
    Authorklefisch (709385) 17 Feb 16, 13:23
    "establishment" here in OED sense #9:

    An organized body of men, maintained at the expense of the sovereign or of the state for a specific purpose; orig. said of the military service, but applied also to the naval and civil.

    "horses surplus to establishment" : horses in excess of the number assigned to, or required by, the company or administrative unit.
    #1AuthorBion (1092007) 17 Feb 16, 14:27
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