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  • Betreff

    Seid ihr fertig?

    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Heißt es "Are you finished no?" oder "Have you finished now?"
    Verfassersebi14 Mär. 06, 19:17
    In welchem Zusammenhang? Seid ihr fertig - angezogen?
    - mit Essen
    - mit den Hausaufgaben

    #1VerfasserMC14 Mär. 06, 19:20
    Vorschlaghave finished - are finished
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Artikel aus einem BBC link URL siehe unten

    It sounds as if they say I'm finished or Are you finished? to state or to ask if you have concluded your work.
    Why do they use to be instead of to have?
    Shouldn't they say: I've finished and Have you finished?? I don't understand.

    The confusion arises because finished operates both as an adjective and as the past tense and past participle of the verb to finish.
    So if your colleagues say 'We're finished for today', they are using it as an adjective.

    If they say 'We've finished work for today', they are using it as the past participle of the verb to finish. (This would be more normal in standard English).
    wenn du fertig im Sinn von "bereit" meinst, ist "are you ready" besser
    #2VerfasserAlex14 Mär. 06, 19:39
    VorschlagAre you finished? oder Are you done?
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Are you finished with your homework?

    Are you done on the computer?
    Im AE umgangssprachlichen Gebrauch würde ich 'have you finished' nicht alleinstehend verwenden. Aus irgendeinem Grund hört sich das für mich ungeduldiger oder unhöflicher an.

    Muttersprachler, was denkt ihr?
    #3VerfasserVio14 Mär. 06, 19:52
    As a native speaker of American english in the mid-atlantic region, I saw "Are you done". My mother corrects me to this day by saying, "Turkeys are done, YOU are finished!"

    I might on occasion say "Have you finished", but am far more likely to use "done"
    #4VerfasserBob (AE)14 Mär. 06, 19:56
    Vorschlagdone / finished
    Might be helpful, if I post my comment in English, since I'm looking for feedback from native speakers...

    "In colloquial AE I would not use 'have you finished' by itself. It somehow sounds more impatient or impolite to me. Native speakers, please comment!"

    cute remark about the turkey. But I have to agree with your Mom, 'done' just always sounds slightly less educated. Nevertheless, I use it myself all the time.
    Greetings from VA
    #5VerfasserVio14 Mär. 06, 20:20
    the day i feel i am finished, i shall be very upset.
    #6Verfasserk14 Mär. 06, 20:24
    Have you finished? is very common in BE. It is frequently used before removing cups and plates from someone who has not quite eaten or drunk everything to ensure that the cups and plates are not being removed prematurely (and are not being left beyond a suitable length of time). Response is "Yes, thank you." or "No, not quite, thank you"!
    #7VerfasserSammy14 Mär. 06, 20:50
    Are you still with us?

    Vielleicht kannst du helfen und sagen um was es dir genau geht.
    #8VerfasserMC14 Mär. 06, 20:54
    Fascinating question! Notice the difference between "Have you eaten?" (='Hast Du gegessen?) and "Are you eaten?" (='Wirst Du gegessen?') By contrast, "Has she gone?" and "Is she gone?" seem almost interchangeable.

    @ Vio. You said you were looking for feedback from E NS's, of which I am one, but on this kind of grammar question I think it is not unusual for non-NS's to know a rule and/or an explanation which we NS's don't know, because all the rules we unconsciously acquired and internalized as children, so we don't have them avaible as rules per se. We just know what sounds right. I strongly suspect there's a rule here, and a simple one, but I suspect it has been discovered and promulgated, if at all, by people looking at English from the outside.
    #9VerfasserS Johnson14 Mär. 06, 21:30
    @ S Johnson

    Are you a BE or AE (or other) native speaker? I agree, because native speakers tell me all the time that I have them beat on the grammar questions. But I was trying to get someone to comment on the fact that I thought "have you finished" would sound impolite. After Sammy's entry I'm not too sure anymore. Maybe it's a regional thing, if I imagine someone saying it with a British accent, it doesn't seem impolite anymore. Then again maybe I'm just imagining things period!

    #10VerfasserVio14 Mär. 06, 22:16
    adding a "now" to the end of either sentence certainly makes them impolite. As an AE speaker, I would see "Have you finished?" a bit more impatient and "Are you finished" as neutral, but it would all depend on the tone really.
    #11VerfasserSelkie14 Mär. 06, 22:23
    @ Vio. I'm an AE NS. As to the politeness, absent tone of voice, i.e., on the printed page with no adverbs, I can't perceive a difference. As already noted, the "Have you finished?" version is certainly common in restaurants, asked by serving people, but I think in the US "Are you finished?" is probably the neutral or default choice.
    #12VerfasserS Johnson14 Mär. 06, 23:07
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