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    Alle Kleinstlebewesen haben ganz bestimmte eigene Erbinformationen.
    All microorganisms have [... definite] genetic information.

    I don't have a clue how I could translate that. My brain seems to be asleep again.
    Anybody any idea?
    Thanks in advance.
    VerfasserSusi25 Mär. 06, 13:19
    I am no biologist, but would specific fit her?

    There are lots of references for "specific genetic materials" but I am not sure if it fits your context. Perhaps you could look at a few English documents that contain the phrase and see if they convey the same meaning for which you are looking.
    #1VerfasserResistor (CAN)25 Mär. 06, 13:30
    I agree with Resistor: you could write "very specific genetic information". That would be a nearly literal translation.

    If you want to emphasize the uniqueness of each organism's DNA, you could write:
    Each microorganism has its own unique genetic information.
    #2VerfasserGeorgeA (US)25 Mär. 06, 13:34
    Thank you very much. 'Specific' didn't occur to me (it was on the tip of my tongue...). Fits in perfectly!
    #3VerfasserSusi25 Mär. 06, 13:42
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