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    ambient foods (Br.)

    Ambient foods
    Ambient food producers may not have the short shelf-life issues of their colleagues in the chilled sector to contend with. But those manufacturing canned and dried products often have image and technical constraints to overcome, which new processes and marketing initiatives are helping to overcome. Keep in touch with the latest news from the sector.
    What are ambient foods and why are they popular?
    also what is an example please?

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    Best Answer:  Foods that can be stored at room temperature. Dried foods tend to be fine for a long time at room temp...stuff like pasta, beans, rice, flour, sugar, etc.

    You can also dry most fruit, veg, and meats. And some cheeses are drier than others and do better without refrigeration.

    They are popular because they can be stored almost anywhere, indefinitely (as long as they are pest proofed.) If you are in a situation where you don't have electricity/refrigeration, it is important to have these kind of items on hand. Most of the world has hot weather at least half the year. You can't count on preserving your food in a snowbank.
    Ambient Foods
    We supply a large range of branded ambient goods including curry sauces, pickles, tinned goods, preserves, biscuits, soups, confectionery, pet food & many more.

    Gibt's da einen Fachbegriff im Deutschen?

    Danke schön.
    Verfasser jamqueen (1129860) 30 Okt. 16, 23:12
    geht das? Was meint ihr?
    #1Verfasser jamqueen (1129860) 31 Okt. 16, 18:56
    Trockenware / haltbare Lebensmittel
    #2Verfasser Siss (1091233) 31 Okt. 16, 19:03
    Trockenware und Konserven ?
    #3Verfasser no me bré (700807) 31 Okt. 16, 19:12
    No better ideas for translation, but just for the record, it seems to be relatively new marketing-speak (BE?), and it won't be understandable without an explanation.

    It sounds like it ought to mean foods that already exist in the environment around us, that are somehow everywhere, like air.

    But in fact it means foods stored at room temperature, which are probably largely dried, canned, vacuum-packed or otherwise nonperishable foods or foods with a long shelf life -- the existing terms that they seem not to want to use.

    Thanks for putting the explanation on record, even if I can't say I like it very much.
    #4Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 31 Okt. 16, 21:19
    Vielleicht etwas wie 'ungekühlt haltbare Lebensmittel'
    #5VerfasserColorada (428933) 31 Okt. 16, 22:42
    Ein Vorschlag:

    Der Begriff wird zwar nicht häufig gebraucht, kommt aber beim Googeln durch Autovervollständigung:

    #6Verfasser schwäble (951819) 01 Nov. 16, 08:04
    Dauerlebensmittel and Langzeitlebensmittel seem to be used for food stored in times of crisis. So probably different from the usage of the English term.

    My favourites are ungekühlt haltbare Lebensmittel and Trockenware und Konserven.

    Many thanks for your suggestions. It looks as if there isn't a direct equivalent (yet).
    #7Verfasser jamqueen (1129860) 01 Nov. 16, 12:18
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