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PTCA (Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty) mit NC-Ballon im nativen RIVA
Nativ heisst normalerweise "ohne Kontrastmittel", aber in diesem Kontext?
AuthorPeterPan_2 (872923) 11 Jan 17, 13:44
Quelle (Wikipedia):
In biochemistry, the native state of a protein or nucleic acid is its properly folded and/or assembled form, which is operative and functional.

RIVA = Ramus interventricularis anterior. Der RIVA ist einer der beiden Äste der linken Herzkranzarterie.
Daher schätze ich, dass man im englischen Text durchaus "native RIVA" schreiben kann.

Kein Übersetzungsversuch, aber ein Denkanstoß.

#1Authorrufus (de) (398798) 11 Jan 17, 14:03
Translationnative [med.]
"Coronary angiography revealed native mid-vessel LAD occlusion with a patent vein graft to the distal vessel, backfilling the mid-anterior septum."

Figures 1 and 2:
It's not really anything to do with biochemistry, proteins or DNA/RNA in this context.
It refers to the natural vessel (native coronary artery) when there is a bypass graft.
RIVA is the  "left anterior descending artery  (LAD)" in English.
#2AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 11 Jan 17, 22:09
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