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Aufträge abrufen

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Dieses Ergebnis hat vor allem damit zu tun, dass Aufträge von den Kunden noch nicht abgerufen wurden. Die Zeitspanne zwischen Auftragsgewinn und Umsatzgenerierung beträgt 3-4 Monate.
This is an extract from financial results. Can someone give me feedback on the following and if I have understood the meaning of "abrufen" correctly?

"The key reason for this result is that customers were yet to request their orders."

Thanks in advance!
Authorrwdl1 (1099231) 26 May 17, 15:00
I'm not an expert, but this smacks more of "retrieving/processing customer orders" to me since the next sentence deals with the time gap between getting the order from the customer and making any profit.
#1AuthorKai (236222) 26 May 17, 16:11
No, I'd say it's about physical orders that have not yet been called off - presumably this is some kind of industrial supply.
#2Authorcaptain flint (782544) 26 May 17, 16:35
In many types of industrial sale a contract is made between a seller and a purchaser prior to specific sales being made. The contract specifies the terms of future sales, for example price per unit, volume discounts and payment terms. A purchaser will then "call off" purchases against the agreed contract. Only when purchases are actually made is a sale made.
#3Authorteertsneerg (1193445) 26 May 17, 16:51
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