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    knowledge of vs knowledge on

    Hi there,
    There are quite a few examples given for knowledge of sth but I have also come across knowledge on genetics/the topic etc.
    Is this correct, too? Do they both mean the same thing? And if not, what is the difference?
    Many thanks in advance!
    Verfasserhealthytranslations (976111) 12 Nov. 17, 21:05
    No case where knowledge on is correct comes to mind.
    Knowledge about is a possibility.

    OT: Would you please clarify your language profile?
    #1Verfasser Jurist (US) (804041) 12 Nov. 17, 21:40
    vgl. z.B.
    Test your knowledge on Housing Law

    General Knowledge on Law

    It is the Group’s direct-to-consumer arm and has brought its wealth of experience and knowledge on legal matters into the public eye

    evtl. ein AE/BE-Unterschied?

    #2Verfasser wienergriessler (925617) 12 Nov. 17, 22:01
    Seems so.
    #3Verfasser Jurist (US) (804041) 12 Nov. 17, 22:07
    I would think "knowledge of" is much more common.
    "What I know about x" or "I know x" can (both) be "transformed" into the nominal phrase "my knowledge of x".

    I would say correct use of "knowledge on" is very limited.. I would expect to find it more often when "knowledge" refers to the sum of information on (related to) a particular topic.

    #4VerfasserMikeE (236602) 12 Nov. 17, 22:09
    For some reason, "knowledge on the subject/topic (of ...)" and "... on the subject matter" seem a bit more plausible to me than knowledge on [some specific topic]. I still don't much like them, though.

    It's a crying shame that Google search no longer dependably produces a list of hits limited to a search request in quotes, but I came across this compilation for prepositions after knowledgeable that seems relevant (not that I necessarily endorse the lower-ranked findings). I support knowledgeable as to and knowledgeable regarding, which are a different construction. https://lingohelp.me/preposition-after-adject...
    #5Verfasser Jurist (US) (804041) 13 Nov. 17, 05:28
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