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  • Subject

    Rehaut (Uhr)

    No context, sorry. This is a part on a watch. I've found it defined as "Der Rehaut ist der über das ebene Zifferblatt hinaus erhöhte Rand einer Uhr" ( Would this be a "bezel" in English? Or an "auxiliary dial"? Thanks
    Authorhellohc (969648) 18 Nov 17, 17:33
    Sounds like a bezel from your description.
    #1Authoramw (532814) 18 Nov 17, 18:00
    Aus dem Wikipedia-Artikel zu einem relativ bekannten Produkt (
    the "inner bezel", also known as the "Rehaut" (French) or "Flange" (English)
    #2AuthorC3PO (877869) 18 Nov 17, 18:00
    rehaut: The flange or projection around the inner edge of the watch that typically holds the watch crystal up and reinforces it. The rehaut is typically referred to mostly on Rolex watches as they are inscribed for anti-counterfeiting measures. On most Breitling watches the rehaut is covered by an applied chapter ring.
    seems to be a universal term
    #3AuthorBirgit_at (729752) 18 Nov 17, 18:01
    Suggestioninner bezel, flange
    Rehaut = Glasfalzhöhe einer Uhr

    "Recent models of the Submariner and Submariner-Date (late 2008) feature a distinctive "ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX" and serial number engraved on the "inner bezel", also known as the "Rehaut" (French) or "Flange" (English)."
    #4AuthorMiMo (236780) 18 Nov 17, 18:09
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