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    This is from a patient assessment, written by a psychiatrist.

    In terms of context here are the two preceeding sentences in German: "Schlafstoerung, Appetitminderung mit Gewichtsverlust im Sinne eines somatischen Syndroms. Keine wahnhaft psychotischen Symptome, keine Hinweise auf gegenwaertige Selbst- oder Fremdgefaehrdung. Keine Ich-Stoerung."

    So far I have: "Sleep is disturbed, appetite reduced, resulting in weight reduction as a somatic syndrome. No delusional psychotic symptoms, no indication of intention to harm herself or others. No signs of ego destruction."

    Any pointers from someone that is familiar with this type of vocabulary would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    AuthorCristinaMR (123307) 04 Feb 18, 18:35
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