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  • Subject


    Context/ examples
    "Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    ppa Jens Schmidt (per Hand )

    Jens Schmidt (getippt)
    XYZ GmbH"
    I know that there are many forum entries regarding pp/ppa/iA etc. I did read them, I swear, but some ambiguity remains, in my mind at least. Or perhaps its the weather fogging my synapses. But anyway...
    Could somebody please tell me whether in the context given above
    a) Schmidt signed his own name and did so as Prokurist for his company
    b) Some unnamed person who has authority to sign for Schmidt wrote his name there
    c) something else?
    Vielen synaptischen Dank in voraus,
    AuthorAmos06 Jun 06, 15:32
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    by procuration per procura [abbr.: pp, ppa]
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    Suggestiona) ist korrekt
    #1AuthorKln06 Jun 06, 15:34
    agree with kln. a is correct
    ppa, i.A., i.V. are a supplement to a persons name to express the degree of authorization the person has in a company.
    If another unnamed person would sign for the Prokurist Schmidt, he/she would use the sort of supplement, that fits to his/her authorization.

    Ich hoffe, das verwirrt jetzt nicht vollends.
    #2Authorpuck (de)06 Jun 06, 15:40
    Thank you both!
    #3AuthorAmos06 Jun 06, 15:43
    Let me give my 2 cts. yet - the "ppa."-degree was, at least in former times, a bit like a promotion.

    It normally is a relatively high power in German enterprises, mirrored in that the persons having "Prokura" have to be registered in the company's local trade register, as well as the proper CEOs.
    #4Authorweißnix06 Jun 06, 15:48
    Alles korrekt - Und um 'weißnix' zu vervollständigen:
    Zwei ( 2 ) Prokuristen, die gemeinsam ein Dokument (einen Brief) unterzeichnen, erzielen die gleiche (verbindliche) Rechtswirkung wie ein ( 1 ) unterzeichnender Geschäftsführer . . .
    #5AuthorDaddy 06 Jun 06, 21:12
    That is not quite true. Powers of authority are granted by Shareholders' Resolution and does not necessarily mean that 2 x Prokurist = 1 x Managing Director. If joint powers of representation should be granted there is virtually always the stuructre 1 x Proxy plus 1 x Managing Director - this is then registered in the Commercial Register and one Managing Director is usually given sole powers (to represent individually).
    As to the rest - this is my understanding of things:
    ppa = by proxy
    i.V = on behalf of
    #6AuthorStella06 Jun 06, 21:26

    No no no, don't translate what cannot be translated. I.V. is not "on behalf" and ppa. is not "by proxy", that's what we've been fighting against in innumerous discussions - please look it up in the archive.
    #7Authorpuffin06 Jun 06, 21:39
    The closest to p.p.a. would be by proxy. But I agree, never translate, at best explain the term.

    2 x procura = 1 x Geschaeftsfuehrer, that must be an internal agreement and cannot be generalized. Is one wants to know what a prokurist may do and may not do, it is stated exactly in the Handelsgesetzbuch. If I recall correctly, a prokurist's power are extensive and cannot be validly reduced in relation to 3rd parties.
    #8AuthorFloFloUSA06 Jun 06, 22:38
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