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  • Subject

    "sec. Editorial"


    Recurring abbreviation in a footnote apparatus. E.g.:

    The New York Times, June 1, 1978, sec. Editorial, 9.


    Could this mean “second editorial”? Is there such a thing?

    A Google search throws up about a hundred hits, all of them similar to the one above (with an upper-case ‘E’), none of them illuminating. Can anybody help?

    Authorredcranes (766941) 06 Jul 20, 09:24

    My guess is it stands for “section,” as in plenteous url’s:



    It doesn’t seem to be completely general that “Editorial” is upper cased. See e.g. this page:


    ---where all of the listed items have an appended “sec. editorial” (i.e., lower case).

    #1AuthorBion (1092007) 06 Jul 20, 09:46

    Thanks a lot, Bion, that seems plausible.

    So am I right in assuming, then, that the abbreviation stands for editorial section rather than for section editorial and simply refers to the “redaktioneller Teil”?

    #2Authorredcranes (766941) 06 Jul 20, 09:58

    I can't say for sure. Sorry.

    #3AuthorBion (1092007) 06 Jul 20, 10:06

    I think I'll go with it; it seems the most likely interpretation to me.

    Thanks again, Bion, that was very helpful.

    #4Authorredcranes (766941) 06 Jul 20, 10:10

    Ist es nicht wahrscheinlicher, dass verschieden sections eigene editorials haben? Hat(te) die NYT eine 9-seitige "editorial section"?

    #5AuthorMattes (236368) 06 Jul 20, 10:17

    @ #5: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, especially since it seems unlikely to me that an editorial would be buried on p. 9.

    On the other hand, I’ve never heard of individual newspaper sections having their own editorial, and “editorial section,” after all, is an established term.

    But I’m really not on firm ground here. Any help or comment is much appreciated.

    #6Authorredcranes (766941) 06 Jul 20, 10:29

    Zu #5,6:



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    This section has a total of 12 pages.

    #7Authorwienergriessler (925617)  06 Jul 20, 10:34

    re #7, die NYT druckt ganze Verfassungen anderer Staaten ab ? ... und das sieht noch nicht mal nach einer Sonderausgabe aus, sondern nach einer Seite mittendrin in einer normalen Ausgabe (soweit man das nach dem Bild beurteilen kann) ...

    #8Authorno me bré (700807) 06 Jul 20, 10:40

    Universal Preschool: Policy Change, Stability, and the Pew ...

    State Journal-Register, May 6, 1999, sec. Editorial. ———. 2002. “Gov. ... rush to spend the surplus.” Times Union, January 8, sec. Main 10, Three Star edition.

    Brenda K. Bushouse - 2009 - ‎Political Science

    Learning from Experience: Minority Identities, Multicultural ...

    Sacramento Bee, 3 April 1998, metro final ed., sec. main news: A4. Hitchcock ... Seattle Times, 5 April 1998, Sunday final ed., sec. editorial: B6. Jacob, Brian A.

    Paula M. L. Moya - 2002 - ‎Literary Criticism

    Reconstructing Memory: The Attempt to Designate Beaufort ...

    History,” Charlotte Observer, March 27, 2004, one-three edition, sec. Main, 1A. 60. ... Projects,” Island Packet (Hilton Head, S.C.), March 4, 2005, sec. Editorial;.

    von JW TAYLOR - ‎2017

    (PDF) working paper #6: Étude de cas sur le Groupe de travail ...

    Kingston Whig‐Standard (ON), November 28, sec. Editorial/Opinion. Mansbridge ... The Moncton Times & Transcript, February 13, sec. Main. Shiers, Kelly. 1999.


    Ah, aber gerade habe ich ein Buch gefunden, in dessen Literaturliste öfter die Zeitung "Tennessean" zitiert wird, und da gibt es Artikel mit "sec. Editorial" und andere mit "sec. Main".

    #9AuthorMattes (236368)  06 Jul 20, 10:40

    Thanks again, everybody.

    In light of all this (and the fact that the NYT is a chunky newspaper that may well not get around to the editorial until p. 9) I tend to think that “sec. Editorial” does stand for “editorial section” after all - especially since it’s reasonable to assume that the “sec. Main” quoted by Mattes stands for main section.

    Re #7, “die NYT druckt ganze Verfassungen anderer Staaten ab“ – since newspapers were much wordier in the olden days and Germany was an enemy country at the time that doesn't strike me as all that unusual.

    #10Authorredcranes (766941)  06 Jul 20, 10:58

    In today's NYT print edition, the "Editorials, Op-Ed and Letters" are on pages A18 and 19 (Section A being the first section of the printed paper.)

    #11Authorhbberlin (420040) 06 Jul 20, 12:05
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