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    schwimmt oben auf


    "Und hier schwimmt das Produkt-Sortiment von XXX oben auf."


    The context here is a catalogue of a producer of lane lines, boundary lines, wave breakers etc. for swimming pools.

    It seems that the "schwimmt oben auf" expression has a double meaning here, but the figurative meaning is the one I am trying to get confirmed.

    Does "schwimmt oben auf" figuratively mean here that the item being referred to is basically one of the best? A top contender? A leading product, etc.?

    I would be grateful for any confirmation of this. Thanks.

    Verfassersiba (362446) 29 Aug. 20, 09:53
    Vorschlagfloat on top

    Ja, ich als Deutsch-Muttersprachler verstehe es ebenfalls als Wortspiel mit der doppelten Bedeutung: to be on top + to swim/float/bob up on the surface

    #1Verfassermad (239053)  29 Aug. 20, 09:57

    It seems an unfortunate phrase in either language.

    Association to me...float..scum..dead fish

    Maybe you could create a different image whilst keeping the water/merchandise connection, like

    ...blows the competition out of the water

    ...is in the swim of things

    ...is top of the line

    ...shows the ropes to competitors

    ...is on the right lines

    ...is moving in the fast lane

    ...is making waves

    Not ecstatic with any of the above, but perhaps will jog something.

    #2Verfasserlaalaa (238508) 29 Aug. 20, 11:09

    always on top ?

    #3Verfasserno me bré (700807) 29 Aug. 20, 12:09

    Nebenbei: obenauf (ein Wort)

    Im Duden habe ich zur Sicherheit auch nachgeschaut; da steht es auch zusammengeschrieben...

    #4VerfasserBraunbärin (757733) 29 Aug. 20, 12:15

    If applicable:

    a buoyant market for our XYZ range

    #5Verfasserlaalaa (238508) 29 Aug. 20, 12:20

    Or perhaps:

    making a splash

    the biggest fish in the pool

    #6VerfasserRTH01 (932829) 29 Aug. 20, 13:16

    Ooooo, I do like “making a splash”!

    #7Verfasserlaalaa (238508) 29 Aug. 20, 13:25

    Thanks for all the answers and suggestions. I agree it needs a translation in this context along the lines of some of laalaa's suggestions. But I don't think making a splash is fitting, because part of the purpose of these lines is to break waves, not make them! :-)

    #8Verfassersiba (362446) 31 Aug. 20, 07:29

    (Ich habe wie laalaa keine positiven Bilder vor Augen bei "schwimmt oben auf/obenauf", sondern ähnliche negative. Das ist auch keine feste Redensart. Gemeint ist es aber sicher positiv, top contender usw.)

    #9VerfasserMattes (236368)  31 Aug. 20, 10:12

    Our products can walk on water!

    #10Verfassermbshu (874725) 31 Aug. 20, 17:57
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